Train Your Team @ GCC!

Train Your Team @ GCC!

Think of us as your local training partner. We join forces with employers of all sizes and industries throughout the Pioneer Valley to identify skills gaps and implement training programs to meet the needs of you and our region.

From manufacturing to healthcare to soft skills training to leadership and conflict resolution workshops, we offer a wide array of services that can be catered to your needs. And we have decades of partnerships and experience to make it all happen. Purposeful employer engagement is central to our work throughout the region.

We’re ready to deliver what you need:

  • Training programs we design with you to address your needs
  • Custom training to reskill or upskill your incumbent workers
  • On-site trainings and workshops that meet you where you are—or online education for maximum flexibility
  • Skilled educators and experts to ensure your employees get what they need

Want to learn more? Set up a meeting with us today and tell us what you need!

Train Your Team @ GCC! Workshops

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Kristin Cole
Vice President of Workforce Development
(413) 775-1611

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Participants in our Train Your Team @ GCC! programs may earn the following industry-recognized credentials:

The Massachusetts Workforce Training Grant was a huge help to Comark. Business was slow due to COVID-19, so we took the opportunity to upskill our employees with help from GCC. Lots of our workers used Excel and Word on a daily basis but had never had actual formal training—GCC worked with us to set up remote training and we had uniformly positive feedback afterwards. And the best part is that it literally cost us nothing! I highly recommend both the MWTG and GCC’s training to other small businesses.
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