Public Works

    Flagger/Traffic Controller Certification

    Ensure your work crews safely and effectively direct traffic with our 8-hour Certified Flagger Training. This workshop covers: Traffic control laws, standards, and procedures Proper use of STOP/SLOW paddles and signs Clear hand and body signals for directing traffic Fluorescent …

    HAZWOPER Refresher

    If you remove hazardous waste or are exposed to hazardous substances at your job and need to meet annual training requirements, our HAZWOPER Refresher course is perfect for you! The course reviews all the materials required by OSHA. You’ll get …

    Career Pathways in Water Departments

    Are you passionate about water conservation, environmental sustainability, and ensuring access to clean water for communities? Join our comprehensive workshop, “Navigating Careers in Water Departments,” designed to provide valuable insights and guidance for individuals interested in pursuing fulfilling careers in …

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